Pre-finished or unfinished wood flooring?

There is no single answer for whether to choose pre-finished or un-finished flooring. In this article we’ll get into details about how each is produced and the advantages of each. But for those who are looking for a quick answer, here’s a summary.

Advantages of pre-finished flooring include:

  • Faster and cleaner installation, since no sanding is required at the job-site.
  • Often comes with a warranty on the finish.
  • Lower labor costs can lead to an overall lower cost depending on your situation.
  • Factory-applied finishes are generally more durable and longer-lasting than those that can eb applied at a job-site.

Advantages of unfinished flooring include:

  • A completely-smooth surface, since sanding is done after installation. (Pre-finished floors usually have a microbevel).
  • A wide variety of finishes and staining are possible.
  • If penetrating oil is used as a finish then partial refinishing becomes possible.
  • Longer plank-lengths are available, as well as custom milling.

Which should you choose then, let’s dig in a little deeper. (more…)