Antique Longleaf Pine Solid Unfinished Natural Endmatched

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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 20
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Longleaf Pine used to occupy about 95 million acres along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and by the 1930’s it was harvested to commercial extinction. It was America’s “steel beam” of the 1800’s. Due to the size, strength, and stability inherent in the specie, it was used extensively in commercial construction, yielding beams that sometimes spanned 80 feet or more. This current crop was milled from a dismantled Cotton Mill in Tennessee out of structural timbers over a century old… from trees that were standing when the Pilgrims landed!  It’s end-matched (!) and  is suitable for above grade installations. It can be nailed, or glued with the appropriate mastic, and can be protected with a variety of finishes.

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